Recover Files on Mac Snow Leopard OS X

Mac Snow Leopard is an operating system, which provides an excellent graphical user interface. It has become popular as it is enriched with features like high security and reliability. Usually there are some viruses that infect Mac machine instead of its strong in-built security. When you install any third party application then it does not slows down efficiency of Mac OS. Mac system uses HFS+ & HFSX file system and acts as interface between Operating system & hard drive. But unlike other Operating system, it is also not free from human mistakes. You may accidentally delete file from Snow Leopard by pressing "CMD + DEL" option that bypasses Trash and files may get missing forever. You may also empty the Trash without rechecking it & later you may find out that those files were really important for you. It also helps you to recover files deleted from MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro.

Let us discuss some situation under which you may delete or lose files from Mac Snow Leopard:

  • Accidental format: Formatting hard disk deletes all files and creates new file system. If you accidentally format a hard drive then there is a possibility that all files stored on them are lost.
  • If this is the case, perform Mac Snow Leopard recovery by just making use of this Mac Recover Deleted Files software.
  • Partitioning Mac volumes: You may delete some partitions and create new partitions on Mac system. In such case, data present on earlier partitions will be lost. After repartitioning your Mac Volumes, you can easily retrieve files on Mac Snow Leopard desktop or laptop by using this Mac Recover Deleted Files software.

  • Virus attack: Viruses like spyware, adware; malware affects the system and lead to loss of files. While performing antivirus program sometimes it fails to repair infected file & deletes the file along with the virus.

  • Files deleted using cut and paste command: When you use "Cut + Paste" combination key in Mac system, files may get erased from its destined location & not copies to the target loaction too. This happens when there is an interruption in read or writes process. Using this command for moving any file from one location to other location is not the right thing to do. It is important to use correct method of transferring files in order to avoid the occurrence of such condition.

To avoid losing files from Mac Snow Leopard you should always take precautions like check twice while removing a file from Trash because when you erase a file from Trash you need recovery tool for recovering the lost or deleted files. When you delete a file from Mac volume, it is not gone forever, only pointers pointing to that file get erased and mark that space free for storing new data. The deleted file is still present on drive until it is overwritten by new file. Thus you should avoid saving new files on drive from where you have lost those files.

If you are unable to save file from deletion then no need to worry at all, Mac Recover Deleted Files software is one of the professional recovery program that can restore deleted files from Mac Snow Leopard. It also recovers each and every files from the Trash after clicking on "Empty Trash" option by mistake. It proficiently restores files from flash memory card such as SD, XD, MMC & CF and hard drive such as SATA, SCSI and IDE hard disk. The utility uses effective algorithms to scan and restore deleted files on Mac Operating system effectively. Moreover, it can recover files on Mac Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, and other Mac OS X. This advanced toolkit supports Mac Snow Leopard recovery of hard disk drive that is formatted with HFS, HFSX or NTFS file systems. It can not only restore deleted files on Mac Snow Leopard running desktops but also from MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Mini that are running with Snow Leopard OS X. The demo version of this software is available for free download, in which you can preview all the recovered files in File Type View or Data View.

Just follow the simple steps to perform Mac Snow Leopard Recovery:

Step 1: From the main window select "Recover Files"and then select "Recover Deleted Files" to go to next step.

Mac Snow Leopard Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Mac volume from which you want to get back your files and then start the recovery program. After that you can view the list of restored files. Save the files after purchasing the full version of the tool.

Mac Snow Leopard Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig 2 : Recovered Files

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